VSO AVCHD Editor 0.4

VSO AVCHD Editor is an application that you can use to edit AVCHD files
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VSO AVCHD Editor is an application that you can use to edit AVCHD and Blu-Ray root files so that you can eliminate unwanted components and preserve the main movie from an AVCHD folder. Moreover, you can create your own AVCHD structure.

AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) file format is usually used with camcorders, which are used for HD professional video recording.
VSO AVCHD Editor was created to suit the need of managing these files so that you can automatically store the video on a DVD or a Blu-Ray disc, or select the parts you want to use from an AVCHD structure (eliminate or include different features from the structure, such as subtitles and slide shows or change the order of the slides etc.).

The application includes a simple menu that allows you to rapidly get to action.
To start a new project, you need to drag and drop a supported AVCHD folder or a file from a Blu-Ray structure into the workspace located on the main window. The tool will automatically detect the supported files (mts or m2ts) within the folder and will display the components included in the folder in the form of a graphic tree. After you have made the necessary adjustments to the imported structure, you need to click on the "Ready" icon and proceed to the next stage, consisting of the customization of the output folder and options. The tool will export your project in the output folder you have previously specified, containing the AVCHD structure that you have edited. You will then be able to burn the new project on a disc, a USB key or a hard drive.

All in all, VSO AVCHD Editor can be a useful tool for users who record movies using camcorders such as Sony or Panasonic that record movies in AVCHD format. The intuitive interface will allow them to edit their AVCHD files in a quick and easy manner.

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  • AVCHD short and long formats and Blu-Ray compliant outputs
  • Different interface modes
  • Personalize AVCHD structures


  • This version does not allow for the burning of files on Blu-Ray discs
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